Thursday, 9 October 2008

Web, SEO and Cupid Stunts

I've had the great pleasure today of being abused by a very insecure individual. To cut a long story short the person in question accused me of self promotion at their expense. Hey ho the worlds full of 'em.

But it got me thinking about the whole web and SEO industry. It seems to me that fear and insecurity reign supreme and cause people to back themselves into corners. With the credit crunch starting to bite and people becoming even more nervous about their prosperity I suppose it's only going to get worse.

Is the web and SEO industry more or less prone to this kind of behaviour than other industries? I'm not sure but it's upsetting to be on the receiving end of such vitriol.

In my experience people who attack others in forums etc are usually professionally inadequate. They are perhaps in possession of some of the facts and some of the skills they should have, but sufficiently insecure and lacking in ability that they attack others when their expertise is called into question.

For my own part I'm not immune to becoming excitable but I'm sufficiently comfortable in my skin and expertise to know when I've been wrong or misguided. Others prefer to just keep digging.

Perhaps the lack of standards in the web and SEO industries is to blame. Where there is no benchmark it's hard to measure things and people take a stance based on some spurious assumptions or worse.

I think the web and SEO industries are overly excitable and wonder where it's going to end.

There, that's better ;)



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