Thursday, 7 August 2008

SEO Driven by Credit Crunch

The credit crunch is not all doom and gloom. Aberdeenshire based Red Evolution have just reported another record quarter as demand for their services continues to rise. The company specialise in optimising websites to attract search engine traffic.

Managing director Dave Robinson said "The credit crunch is causing companies to examine their cost base and look for ways to generate business more effectively. At the same time consumers are becoming increasingly price conscious and are looking for the best deals, usually turning to the internet and the major search engines to find them. If a company's website isn't optimised they won't feature when people search. Creating a search engine friendly website isn't rocket science, but it's expensive if you get it wrong."

Red Evolution specialise in search engine optimisation and have developed several software tools to help in the process. As online businesses continues to grow the company expect demand for their services to grow along side. Dave continues "The credit crunch is basically a reality check for a lot of businesses, good businesses will thrive, others may not".

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