Thursday, 7 August 2008

All SEO's Are Snake Oil Salesmen

If you do some research online you'd be forgiven for thinking the SEO industry makes snake oil salesmen seem like the good guys of the business world. We've even got a category of SEO called ethical SEO to differentiate the good from the bad - apparently. Can't remember seeing ethical car salesmen, or ethical web development companies or ethical financial advisers. It's as if SEO has to justify itself.

I admit there are un-ethical SEO's but not as many as there are daft website owners. The same people who talk to us about SEO services and their need for absolute guarantees and page one listings are the same people who handed over hard cash for a website that's wrong on just about every level.

Sometimes it's as if these people are deferring blame from their developers to the SEO's. Here's a heads up guys, we didn't build your crappy website that the search engines can't read. We weren't the ones who used Flash when it was inappropriate, we aren't the people who convinced you to buy some half arsed content management system that's impossible to index, we didn't paint you into a corner with an e-commerce system that's so hard to optimise you might as well give up.

We are however here to help so take a big swig of reality and accept you messed up and you need it sorting ;)



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