Sunday, 27 April 2008

SEO is Not a F****g Black Art!

Sorry about the title but I'm starting to get hot under the collar about people who simply won't accept that SEO isn't a black art. It seems that no matter how many times a TITLE element is explained or how many times you explain to people what an H1 tag is they just shrug their shoulders and say "Sorry, it's beyond me......".

We are not talking about quantum physics here. Nobody is trying to explain how to split the atom or take a formula one engine to bits using only a pair of tweasers.

  1. Use quality control when building your site.
  2. Create content people need and will want to link to.
  3. Build relevant links from other good sites.

HINT: If you nail 2. you may be able to miss out 3.

If this is beyond you then give up, really, just give up!

Rant over.



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