Monday, 6 April 2009

Stop the 'I Want to be Top of Google' Rant and Use Your Loaf

Time and time again the free seo report requests we get in say the same thing, something along the lines of 'we need to be no'1 in Google'.

If we ask the not unreasonable question "for which search phrases" we are usually met with a blank expression. Come on people, we've all been active in webland long enough to understand that people type search words and phrases into Google and that to succeed online you need to find out what they are typing!

Google has even provided a free keyword research tool to help you, in fact there's a small and growing, if pointless, industry of people who will 'do' keyword research for you for thirty bob and a fried fish.

Keyword research is basically market research. Understanding your market is kind of important and something you should be doing, on a regular basis.

So, stop pissing about and do some work. Find out what people are searching for, find keywords and phrases you have more than a snowball in hells chance of ranking for and optimise your site for these keywords by getting all the basics of SEO right.



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