Thursday, 31 December 2009

SEO Quantity or SEO Quality in 2010?

With new tools springing up every day to allow web site owners to spam the hell out of the Internet with article spinning, splogs and a never ending list of ways to trick Google into thinking your site is important which route are you planning to take in 2010?

Reading through online marketing blogs today throws up so many tools designed to automate the creation and submission of content in the hope of securing links. Will this continue to work in 2010? Will splogs carry on fooling Google? I have no idea.

Something I read today ranted on about automated content tools being OK arguing that's what Google does to make it's $$$billions (AdWords is automated advertising) so it's fine to automate content creation. But will quantity continue to work? Won't quality play its part?

One thing's for sure, search results are clogged up with AdSense loaded affiliate marketing sites (Google kills Google) and if Google don't get on top of it people will go elsewhere, it's not uncommon to hear people moaning about Google, something that just didn't happen a few years ago.

But will the cream rise in the coming 12 months? It's a gamble, so where are you putting your money?



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