Thursday, 1 January 2009

SEO Resolutions for 2009

So that was 2008. Lot's happened at Red Evo central but I have a sneaking suspicion 2009 will be quite a lot more interesting.

So far as SEO is concerned I see 2009 as a year for consolidation. As a response to the SEO information overload of 2008 I think 2009 will see website owners get back to the basics of creating great content and securing real links based on merit.

Of course social media will be even bigger this year and my feeling is people will recognise that social media is about more than just creating thousands of links to pointless web pages. 2009 will be the year of conversations and adding value.

At Red Evo we are investing some brain time on some of the big issues such as how to engage with cash strapped consumers and cost conscious clients. To us the challenge is relished not feared and on balance I am personally excited about what's going to be a very challenging year for most businesses.



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