Saturday, 18 June 2011

SEO Specialists Are Not Magicians!

As an SEO specialist I get to speak to lots of businesses about their websites. Many seem to think that SEO specialists are magicians and expect far too much, at least in my opinion.

This week I've had two long conversations with a potential client and they are still prevaricating. Now that may be because I'm not a very good salesman, I'm far too honest for one thing, but I also suspect they are waiting for me to tell them I'll get their poor quality website to number one for a valuable key phrase with little or no effort.

I'm not suggesting businesses should be reckless with their hard earned cash, far from it, but you have to view SEO services in the same way as other comparable services.

I'm always brutally honest with potential clients and I think it's important they quiz potential search engine optimisation suppliers but this needs to be tempered with some realism. After all, there are plenty of tales of woe from companies who've entrusted poor quality suppliers with their search efforts only to be let down.

Of course you should be sure you know what you are buying but don't expect to dominate the search engines without putting in some serious work or paying a company to do it for you.

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