Sunday, 11 September 2016

Simple & Super Quick Keyword Research

go-fishing.jpgIn a previous blog we spoke about how to interrogate your competitors websites using SEM Rush. The video below develops that theme using Seed Keywords, SEM Rush and, of course, Google™.

Keyword Research Is Very Important

To many this is stating the obvious but if there's one thing that keeps coming up when we speak to businesses who contact us looking for help with their web-based lead generation, it's a lack of keyword research.

As an aside, if you're not sure how many leads your website needs to generate to hit your growth targets try our free lead generation calculator.

Keyword research needs to be at the heart of your online marketing efforts. Along with developing buyer personas, you need to develop an understanding of the search phrases that will generate enquiries, the search phrases your potential customers are using day in day out. The video below provides a simple technique for getting your research on-track in double quick time.

Links to Resources Used in the Video

SEM Rush
Seed Keywords

Next Steps

So there you have it, a simple and quick way to do keyword research. Incidentally, if you're not sure what your website currently ranks for simply type your domain into the box below to try SEM Rush for free.


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