Monday, 23 May 2011

Site Appeal - The Change Will Do You Good have provided an extremely useful and exhaustive list that identifies a variety of factors that are likely to impact positively on the worthiness of your website as an attraction both to search engines and to “human” visitors.

It's worth remembering that popularity in terms of visitor numbers isn't the be all and end all of the success or failure of your site appeal. It is imperative for any website to focus its attractions on the right kind of visitor - the kind, in other words, that is likely to convert into actions. There is no point in a tropical fish enthusiast ending up at an online fishmonger in search of a good fish to buy, because he or she ain't going to get what they're looking for there.

The appropriateness of your visitor as a match for your site is all-encompassing, more so than having a hundred mismatched visitors whose contribution to your stats is impressive, perhaps, but only up to the point where the stats actually start to matter. Vanity stats don't add up.

But let's get back to the Nettuts+ list of "50 Ways to Get Your Site Noticed", where we immediately notice the number one dictum that commands you to "Write Fresh and Catchy Content".

No truer word has ever been written; and yet, even amongst those businesses or individuals who are staunchly serious about their online presence, it's always surprising to discover just how much this crucial piece of advice continues to fall on deaf ears, to the point that, sometimes, it hardly seems to perforate the consciousness of site owners and site administrators altogether.

The necessity of well-written content, tailored according to the stylistic requirements of the product or services on offer, is so obvious that it hardly warrants repeating here.

What does need repeating, perhaps, is the infinite benefits of having a website that showcases dynamic, as opposed to static, content (content that changes) as part of its routine function.

Static content is likely to grow stale upon a third or fourth viewing. It is like seeing the same edifice of a building every morning on your way to work whereby, no matter how spectacular the architectural peculiarities of its features, by the time you've had your umpteenth viewing, it hardly stirs your interests at all.

We would do well to remember certain platitudes that bely a widespread truth that operates on a number of levels in that, when we say “Variety is the spice of life”, we should remember that it is also the spice of language, that it is a force of attraction in itself which grips our attentions in much the same way as spices grip our sense of taste.

Where content is concerned (and let's not forget graphic features and other elements of design), the change will do your website good; and, if you are unable to implement these changes on a regular basis, because of time constraints or a lack of skill in those areas, then simply get someone who can—a willing employee, a friend, a professional (if your budget allows)—someone who has the creative wherewithal to make it happen and, ultimately, to make a difference that converts into stats that actually matter.


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