Monday, 3 November 2008

Stuctured Investment Vehicles and SEO

What have structured investment vehicles (SIV's) and SEO got in common? Well, SIV's disappeared up their own arse and SEO is about to. Let me explain.

The financial services industry got far too clever. In their never ending search for ways to make more and more money they created a financial product called a Structured Investment Vehicle. In essence low quality loans such as sub-prime mortgages were packaged with supposedly high quality loans in order to create a saleable product. Instead of receiving a dribble of interest over 30 years bankers could cash in on loans almost immediately and claim a big bonus.

The problem with SIV's is they are a nonsense, and once people realised this the house of cards came tumbling down. Is SEO heading the same way?

When industries become so complex that even those who work in them don't fully understand what's going on, something is going to give. SEO's should watch this space.

The web is currently awash with information about how to manage the search engines. 101's provide improbable lists of tips and tricks and linkbaiters write evermore ridiculous suggestions for racking up a shed load of links that will propel your site to the top of the search engine results pages. Meanwhile the truth of the matter remains the same. If you create a resource that's truly useful, structure your site so the search engines can index it, use words and phrases your market uses when searching and establish your site as an authority by securing relevant links you have pretty much covered all the bases.



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