Saturday, 26 April 2008

Small Business SEO

The most frequent users of our FREE SEO Review service are small businesses. Small business SEO does however present some problems. To do SEO well takes time and in business time equals money. There's no getting around that simple fact and any company who are offering SEO for thirty bob a month ($1.50) are either fooling themselves, fooling the small businesses they work for or both.

The maths isn't that complicated. Service companies including SEO's sell time and time needs to add up to a salary. Given the fact most SEO can't be automated then it's clear if an SEO company are charging say £100 a month they are only carrying out about 2 hours of work a month on a site. If not they are working for free because a day rate calculation is really quite simple.

So what are small businesses to do? Assuming they can't afford to pay a consultant they need to take the DIY route. This means learning about SEO and implementing it. With the wealth of SEO information that's available on-line this needn't be such an onerous task.

My point is small businesses need to do SEO and real SEO takes real effort.



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