Friday, 17 June 2011

Social Engagement and Email

There are currently more than 600 Million Facebook users and 200 Million Twitter users however despite this there are over a Billion more email accounts than social media accounts combined. Email is a long forgotten art and many people overlook the fact that it still plays a critical role in social media and consumer engagement. It is said that for every 1 Facebook follower a business will have they will have on average 70 email subscribers. With this in mind any business who chooses to capitalise upon this and integrate the two should be laughing! In short social media can reach new pockets of clients which you were previously unable to engage with while email can be used to not only retain and continue engaging with consumers but to also direct existing consumers towards your new social media channels. According to Silverpop there are 5 key ways which a business can do this, they are:

  1. Make sure you have an email opt-in form/link on your companies Facebook page, along with any other key social channels which appeal to your target audience
  2. Include email opt-ins on share worthy web pages
  3. Tweet followers to your email list
  4. Capture emails via SMS
  5. Use app downloads to build your email list

Now that's just the first step. Just because you have a wealth of information and a load of emails does not mean than you will be able to convert these consumers or engage with them in the right way. Ultimately to complete this social email circle you must adapt how you engage with your consumers to suit not only the medium you are using but also the type of consumer profile you are targeting (ie the same bland newsletter for everyone on your mailing list isn't going to cut it in the consumers eyes) Consumers have a very low tolerance to anything which appears to have been written by and ad/press agency so instead of pushing a sales platform have the priority of these communication focused around consumer engagement and the sales will come as customers feel more valued and brand loyalty grows.

In short linking your social media and email revenues, if done right, will help your business to grow both their consumer mailing lists and the social media followers. More importantly it will open up a new way for you as a business to engage with consumers creating the circle which is social email. This will ultimately create share worthy content, increasing brand awareness while improving brand loyalty....and all that in a few easy common sense changes to how you communicate with your consumers.

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