Friday, 17 June 2011

The Strength of Online Retail

The way in which we function in our day to day lives has changed dramatically with the influence and introduction of increasingly sophisticated technology to the point where it is barely recognisable to a decade ago. As a society we are continually 'plugged in' so whether it is checking into Facebook on our mobile phones or collecting your emails via your iPad the way we travel, work and socialise is continually being documented.

One of the most distinct changes in our lifestyle is the way in which we shop and buy with the online retail market sky rocketing in recent years due to increases in demand and traffic to online retail sites. Online retailing and shopping has been around for several years with 65% of people surveyed by Limelight stating they have been online shopping regularity for the past 5 years. However it has only been the since the integration with other mediums such as social media which has seen online retailing sky rocket in popularity.

In the US online holiday period sales during December last year rose 13% over 2009 and brought in around $32.6 Billion. This clearly demonstrates the power and influence of this new trend and with 78% of consumer expected to convert to online shopping by 2014 companies are being forced to move quickly to keep up with this acceleratingly trend.

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