Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Video Apocalypse

Astounding figures released by Cisco suggest that, by 2015, the world will be watching approximately one million minutes of video per second on internet devices numbering over 15 billion.

That's the equivalent of one person with a personal ownership of two internet devices watching non-stop video for a period of 694 days.

Or, to look at it another way, Cisco have also announced that, by 2015, 40% of the world's projected population will be actively online, as opposed to around 30% as it stands now.

This means that, in 2015, the average active internet user will have personal ownership of approximately 4 internet devices upon which to watch an endless minutia of streaming video whereby, the battle for the mind of North America - or, in fact, the World - will indeed be fought in the video arena...


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