Thursday, 19 November 2009

5 Ways to Avoid Web Re-Development Hell

It's a fact that from time to time companies need to re develop their website. Perhaps they have out grown their current web provider, perhaps the business has changed and needs something better, or perhaps they just decide they need a change for change's sake.

The one thing you want to avoid when re developing your website is the destruction of all the hard work you've done to date but sadly that's exactly what many companies do.

We recently lost a client, never a good thing, but the reasons were outside our control and it was all amicable. Once the web site had flipped from our server to the new server I took a look........

To say I was shocked was an understatement. The site was built using 1990's technology (image swap mouseover menus etc), was aesthetically poor and to cap it all the meta was full of unrelated spam!! Now the latter smacked of something fishy and isn't the point of this post but it could well hurt them if they don't fix it soon, and yes, I did tell them about the issue.

Where the site really fell down was total lack of SEO and total lack of preservation of the previous site's rankings. So here's a Top 5 Things to Avoid when Re-Developing Your Website.

  1. Don't move from 21st century technology to 20th century technology. Why would you do that!!
  2. Research your current rankings and identify the strong pages on your current site. Make sure to 301 redirect these pages to the corresponding new pages.
  3. Optimise EVERY page of your new site for your keywords and phrases. Title elements, meta elements and H elements should be unique and not site wide.
  4. Make sure your new site structure can be crawled by Google.
  5. Ask your new supplier how they plan on retaining your current rankings, if they waffle DON'T FUCKING USE THEM!!

Honestly people, don't flush years of work down the toilet by working with idiots that don't know how the web works, it's enough to make me weep.



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