Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Great Website Talent Show

Has your website got the X factor?

If there's one common theme running through shows like the X factor, Britain's Got Talent (etc ad nauseum) it's the distinct lack of talent. In essence a bunch of truly talentless people stand in front of a bunch of barely talented judges, who for the most part have a tenuous grip on celebrity themselves, and plead for the chance to be rich and famous. They say things like "it's all I've ever wanted" and "I don't know what I'll do if I don't get through". It's all pretty vomit inducing.

So what's this got to do with websites?

Well, possibly quite a lot. Websites are kind of floating around in cyberspace, hoping the judge (Google) chooses them to go through to the next round (search results) and then onto fame and fortune (lots of hits). It's kind of similar.

So what's the solution smart arse?

When I was younger and still harboured dreams of a rock star lifestyle I did at least put in years of hard work to learn my craft as did the rest of the band. Admittedly we didn't get a break but if we had we were the real deal. The talentless fuckwits who frequent the get famous quickly shows would do well to get a handle on the simple fact that to stay the course a wee bit of hard work goes a long way.

And the website connection?

Websites that get found in Google, year in year out, have one thing in common, shed loads of hard work. Online success takes blood sweat and tears in spades. Whatever the sages tell you about quick fixes and short cuts to the top, for the most part it's pure fantasy and self promotion on their part and definitely no substitute for hard work.



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