Thursday, 23 June 2011

Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Running a web development company means having lots of conversations with businesses who want to build a website or revamp an existing one. These conversations are sometimes along the lines of "Our IT guy will be in charge of the website, blah blah blah...". Well, this is wrong wrong WRONG!

Websites are NOT an IT discipline. A website is a communications medium not something techy for geeks to play with. Put an IT person in charge of a website and it will have every bell and whistle known to man but in all likelihood deliver nothing into the business.

Other times the conversation might be along the lines of "Our graphic designer will be the main person responsible for the website, blah blah blah". Apart from the obvious similarity, the blah blah blah bit, this is also WRONG.

Put a graphic designer in charge of a website and it will probably look great, at least it will look great in the Safari web browser, but again it will probably deliver very little into the business.

So who SHOULD be in charge of a website? Simple, the person who best understands the business and the needs of the businesses clients. In small businesses this might be the business owner, in larger businesses this is more likely to be the person in charge of business development.

Of course this person will want to involve the techies and creatives, that goes without saying, but it's their business expertise and their knowledge of the business and its clients that will drive the project in the right direction.

So, if you're considering a web development project bear this in mind and make sure you get the right people involved in the project. Don't make the assumption that the people who can use and create the technology are the best placed to leverage it for the business.

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