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Why Do Marketers Target Females?

Why Do Marketers Target Females? 

Yes, as we fast approach Christmas and the festive period we are being surrounded (if not smothered) by advertising. But have you every noticed quite how much of the advertising is focused at females? Whether you are a daughter, mother, partner or wife there is no denying that 80%+ of current advertising is focused at you. Regardless of your age, if you're female you are a key target to any advertiser, especially during key spending booms, such as the Festive Period.

Any Age...

If you're not quite sure you agree, here is a challenge (especially for those mothers out there). Let's be honest, kids' morning TV is a lifesaver when you're trying to get organised in the morning (I myself never thought I would time my morning by when Peppa Pig came on!) However, just take 30 minutes out of your day and sit and watch some of this TV with your kids (I prefer Ben and Holly myself) and make a note of how many adverts you see for girls' toys as opposed to boys' toys...the result will surprise you!

If you can bear it, also compare the amount of advertising focused at girls around the more feminine cartoons such as Little Princess, Wissper and Paw Patrol. The increase in the amount of advertising and the type of advertising increases drastically, with some breaks spanning over a minute and totally targeted towards girls. So why target at such a young age? It has been shown in various consumer behaviour research studies that even young females are more likely to ask for items. Take my brother, for example. He asks for a computer game or something for his car....his wife meanwhile has a Christmas gift list over a page long ranging from make up and skincare to clothes and technology. Whether we like it or not, as females (because we commonly make the buying decisions in these areas) we are more susceptible to advertising and more likely to remember it, whereas men can tune it out more easily. Needless to say I am quite happy I have two boys to buy for this Christmas.

So Why Are Females Targeted?

It is common knowledge to most people, whether they like to admit it or not, that females are often the primary buying force in a household, especially during spending boom periods like Christmas. So why is this? Put simply it's because the females are typically the ones that will make the buying decisions during this time. Every wife or partner will be able to relate to this; you are left to organise all of the Christmas gifts (and everything else) for your family, his family and everyone in between. I have even found myself in the situation of buying a secret santa present for my husband's work collegue....who I had never met before and even my own Christmas present! And I'm definitely not alone.

So why is this....I would like to think as a female it's because we are more organised and thoughtful when it comes to gift buying but let's face it it's more likely to be that present buying is just hassle the menfolk don't want to deal with. This trait can be seen even day to day when it comes to advertising for the likes of household products such as washing powder, fabric conditioner and even your grocery shopping - we all know Iceland's slogan 'Mums Go To Iceland'. Advertisers know that typically when it comes to the household the female will be the one making the purchasing decisions and therefore they are the ones who should be targeted.

Will It Ever Change?

With the evolution of mobile technology and online buying there is a gradual shift in market trends as men can 'fit purchasing' into their day to day lives without having to really make any time for it (or tolerate husband's main bug bear). We all know that males are glued to their devices, mind you we all are during our daily commute and even I use this time to look about for gifts or do my online food shop! So there is a gradual shift as technology evolves and companies latch onto males' disdain for shopping, for example, providing custom 'gifts for her' pages and email shots offering gift suggestions and even gift buying and wrapping services. But unless there is a significant social change I am afraid that females (of any age) will continue to drive the consumer goods buying process for the foreseeable future.

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