Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why Inbound Marketing Works

Here in the UK, there are many businesses who have embraced inbound marketing. However, it's fair to say there's still a lot of skepticism, and it's easy to understand why. Embarking on an exercise of web-based lead generation requires a big effort and a fresh approach to finding new customers. It's also true that inbound isn't a quick fix if your sales pipeline has dried up, it takes time.

All that said, if you do take the time to create a solid strategy and implement it, inbound will deliver. You see for all it's "newness" in essence inbound gives something valuable to your customers, giving you the opportunity to get value or revenue back.

Inbound is a Long Game

Getting new customers isn't easy. Billions of pounds are spent every year on advertising, promotional materials, trade fairs and so on, all with the aim of attracting new customers. The men and women who practice the art of marketing have been both revered and hated. The late Bill Hicks nailed it for many.



But inbound is different, no really. You see inbound really does give something to people who are looking to solve a problem. Compare this to the phone call one of my colleagues has just taken while I'm writing this, the 8th this week, from a company who want us to change our electricity supplier. They are investing money interrupting people who haven't got a problem, or if they have they don't care about it.

Marketing That Helps and Solves Problems

Lead generation agencies like us help our clients use inbound marketing by helping them figure out who their customers are and what problems those customers have. If for example our client sells payroll services, we help them understand why businesses consider outsourcing their payroll and the kind of content they look for. We don't try and figure out how to interrupt potential customers using magazine and TV adverts. And before traditional marketers jump down my throat I know this stuff still works. I'm simply suggesting it's not as effective as it used to be and its days are numbered.

Working Hard-6.jpg 

Go All In On Inbound, We Did And It Works

It takes balls to go all in on inbound but that's what we did. We figured that we had to if we were going to offer to help others with theirs. For us, it's been a huge success. Our content is found in Google, people like it and we see leads coming through. Further more people share our content which in turn increases its reach. We've built that all important economic moat around our business.

You're Always Six To Nine Months Away From Success

So, if you're thinking about inbound consider this. The longer you prevaricate the longer you'll stay six to nine months away from success. Six to nine months away from a share of the Google users looking for what you offer and six to nine months away from having great great content others are sharing, leading to yet more people finding your website. #justsaying

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