Monday, 2 June 2008

With SEO you can Get Mad or Get Even

I'm writing this from our hotel room in sunny Torquay. Caron and I are on a dancing holiday - we are keen competitive ballroom dancers.

It would be fair to say we are feeling pretty hacked off just now having been trounced on the dance floor in every competition we have entered. I should say it's been a tough year for us and our dancing has taken a back seat so we shouldn't feel quite so bad that the results are not forthcoming.

In a nutshell we are being beaten by dancers who we believe are not as good as us. However, instead of spitting the dummy we have flashed the cash and taken some lessons. Guess what, our routines and technique suck. We have been doing all the wrong things. The routines - which I hashed together from memory to allow us to compete - are poor and because we haven't had any lessons from a professional our basic technique is shoddy. It's no wonder we are being trounced on the dance floor.

The things is, we now know what's wrong and we are paying people to help us fix it. In a few months we will once again be making the final six (dancers will understand this) and in time we will be picking up the winners trophy, we will be number 1.

Dancing, like many things in life, often benefits from taking some time, stepping back, getting the advice and support of a professional and focusing your efforts in the right direction.

Sound familiar?



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